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Quilling Anniversary Teddy

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Quilling Anniversary Teddy Crafted By : RR Greeting

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Making Time : 1-3 days | Will ship from Panaji

Let's Customize it!

No doubt you can just wish anniversary just like that, but you can also make it extra special with this beautiful artistically subtle hand tossed quilling greeting card. Size of the card will be 15cm * 21cm, Also this will have a unique box with transperant opening and with a quilling flower for a grand look. Size of the box will be 16cm * 22cm * 2cm.

Customization is pretty easy but just in case you don't get it the first time here are some quick guidelines to help you out.

Customization guidelines :-

  • Enter the name of the person you wish to send the card to in the Receiver's Name text box and your name in the Sender's Name text box.
  • After adding above names, the card is ready with default message as written in the respective text boxes.
  • You can further edit all the messages just the way you like it by simply replacing the text inside the text messages with your own message.
  • Each message will be printed on the card as shown in the card pictures
  • The card will be packed inside a beautiful hand made box (with a transparent sheet above) with receiver's name on top of it and wrapped with ribbon as shown in the picture.

This card should be clear from the pictures, hence no video preview available

Card Details
Dimension 15cm X 21cm
Making Time 1-3 days
Express Delivery 1-2 days

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