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About Us

If you are going to be thinking anyway, You might as well think big.

Donuld Trump

If you are going to be wishing someone anyway, You might as well make it special.


Just Friends

We are not here to make money but to make friends...Really...Our prices will confirm that.

Time To Refresh

Refresh the way you have been saying things. There can always be more than one way to say a thing. Right? Choose the best One.

Delivery charges?

We want to spread smiles. That's it. It might be a bit difficult for us to manage...but should we say it once again? We are here to be friends :)

1000   600

We are not here to make fools...The price is price. Our philosophy is simple, We will be honest ...


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We don't do that...As we already said we are here to be friends..We won't play any tricks

Anything you wanna say

Anyone upset with you?
Want to thank someone?
Someone close to you is leaving?
Somebody has got a birthday?
Does anyone needs your good luck wishes?
Say it in the most exciting way ever!

What Now?

Friendship takes time to build. But we won't take much time. Lets get started then :)

That's it!

So that is a brief introduction about us. We'll get to know each other more with time. Happy wishing!

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